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Jobs for Teenagers at Hardee’s

About Hardee’s

An established restaurant chain with almost 2,400 franchised and company-owned locations, Hardee’s quick-service restaurants are found in 32 U.S. states, mostly in the Midwest and Southeast, and in 11 other countries.

Teen Jobs at Hardee’s

Crew Members
Provide exceptional customer service, be flexible to work holidays, weekends, and evenings. Basic computer skills needed. Minimum age required is usually 16 years.

Shift Leaders
Responsible for operating restaurant if the Manager or higher is absent. Assist growth of sales by maintaining high standards of service, quality, and cleanliness while constantly focusing on profits. Minimum age required is usually 18 years.

Assistant Managers
Duties include restaurant operations, supervision of staff, maintaining product quality, and keeping customers happy. Work closely with other Assistant Managers on staffing, marketing, and strategic planning for their location. Minimum age required is usually 18 years.

Hardee’s Job Application

To apply at Hardee’s, visit the restaurant job from the link below, and enter you zip code to find opening jobs. If there are no opening jobs you may find Hardee’s near you and ask the Manager if they are hiring.
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