Jobs for Teens at Carl’s Jr.

Please note that minimum age for each job title at Carl’s Jr. may vary by location or business operator.

About Carl’s Jr.

Carl’s Jr. is an American fast-food restaurant chain located mostly in the Western and Southwestern United States.

Teen Jobs at Carl’s Jr.

Crew Members
Crew Members at Carl’s Jr. will provide each customer with a positive customer service experience, prepare quality food products and keep the restaurant clean, pleasant and safe for all customers and employees. Hospitality crew includes: Dining Room Station, Cashier Station and Drive-Thru Station. Production crew includes: Fry Station, Feeder Station, Cook Station, Grill Station, Green Burrito Station and Biscuit Making Station (at participating stores). Minimum age to apply for this position is 16 years old.

Cook merchandise using grill, broiler, or fryer and transfer to create up table or over shelf for holding. Assemble sandwiches using the right quantity of condiments. Wrap or package merchandise. Clean, slice, and prepare manufacture to satisfy business demand. Temper and label merchandise with discard date as directed by management. Monitor holding times of merchandise and discard expired or inferior merchandise. Clean, organize, and restock all stations. Clean utensils, equipment, walls, and floors. Minimum age is 18 years old.

Assistant Manager
Assistant Managers work close together on strategic planning, staffing and marketing for their location. Hard work, a positive attitude, and solid management skills will earn you a career with outstanding financial compensation, recognition, advancement opportunity, and benefits. Minimum age is 18 years old.

Carl’s Jr. Job Application

Carl’s Jr. is always accepting applications, but not always hiring. Qualified applicants will only be contacted when there is an available position. To apply, visit Carl’s Jr. Restaurant Jobs from the link below and enter your zip code. Select a store near you and begin the application.
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