Claire’s Jobs for Teens

Teen Jobs at Claire’s

Claire’s is a retailer of fashion accessories and jewelry aimed for teenage girls and young women. You must be 16 years of age or older to be eligible for hire as Sales Associate at Claire’s. Minimum age to apply as Part-Time Manager is 18 years old. What jobs teenagers can apply at Claire’s?

Sales Associate

To work as a Sales Associate you must be a person who likes to talk to other people, who can show customers the right stuff and help them find the perfect accessories. As a Sales Associate you also have a responsibility in supporting your store management team as well as helping to achieve targets through various tasks. Therefore it is important to have the ability to sell as well as great product knowledge in order to help customers get a fun and enjoyable experience.

Senior Sales Associates

Senior Sales Associates or Part-Time Managers focus on providing sales through services. You are in charge of delivering great shopping experiences through interactions with customers, showing the right stuff by using your product knowledge to achieve store sales targets. You are also responsible for opening and closing the store and ensuring that trading in the store is safe and legal.

Claire’s Job Application

How to apply jobs at Claire’s?

Claire’s Job Interview Questions

  • How would you handle a difficult customer?
  • Tell me about little bit yourself?
  • What was a great customer experience that you had?
  • Do you have any other retail experience?
  • How do you keep up with the latest fashion trends?

Claire’s Jobs Perks and Drawbacks

  • 50% off store merchandise
  • Discounted movie tickets, and phone bills
  • Free fitness center
  • Flexible working hours
  • Mostly you take a shift alone

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