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Teen Jobs at Cato

Cato is an American retailer chain for women’s fashions and accessories with several different names such as Cato, Cato Plus, It’s Fashion, It’s Fashion Metro and Versona. Minimum age to apply at Cato is 18 years old. Cato uses professional modeling agencies throughout the country. If you are interested in modeling, you should contact a professional agency. You can find them from Modelling Jobs for Teens. What jobs teenagers can apply at Cato?

Sales Associate

You are responsible to drive the sales force of the store. You know how to operate cash register and make payment accurately. You must have warm and friendly personality to serve the customers. You will assist in administrative work such as monitoring the payroll fluctuations and in-store expenses.

Merchandise Clerical

You are responsible for entering, organizing and maintaining purchase orders. You will ensure every delivery work of merchandise be done in timely manner. You will also request and organize all samples and perform other clerical duties.


You are responsible to greet the visitors, monitor the switchboard, deliveries and courier services. You must possess proficient computer skills in Microsoft Office, h3 analytical, organizational and communication skills.

Assistant Manager

One year of experience managing a store or other related supervisory experience and must complete the CATO Sales Training Program and the CATO Store Manager Training Program. Unrestricted scheduling availability required.

Cato Job Application

How to apply jobs at Cato as a teenager? To apply with a Cato, It’s Fashion or It’s Fashion Metro store, please visit

Cato Job Interview Questions

  • What is something you love about the fashion industry?
  • How would you plan to increase sales for the store you are a part of?
  • How would you handle an irate customer?
  • What do you know about Cato?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Cato Job Perks and Drawbacks

  • All employees get a 20% discount including part-time associates
  • There is health insurance for all employees
  • A flexible schedule to fit your needs and school life
  • You will receive tips annual bonus and paid time off

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