Disney Jobs for Teens

Teen Job Positions at Disney


Responsible for greeting Guests, loading and unloading attractions, operating attraction systems, delivering narrations of varying lengths and providing audience control.


Interact with Guests daily answering questions, supplying directions and providing exceptional Guest service. Daily responsibilities include cleaning tables, emptying trashcans, cleaning restrooms, using chemicals, heavy lifting, prolonged standing, and sweeping and general area cleaning.

Dinner Cook

Responsible for execution of all menu categories and specific recipes for all menu items including timing, quality, temperature, portion, and presentation.

Internship at Disney

Disney offers a wide variety of opportunities for students enrolled in an undergraduate college program (Undergraduate Internship), generally you must be at least 17 or 18 years old to work at Disney Stores, Disney Parks & Resorts, Disney Media Networks, Disney Studios and Disney Interactive Media and Games.

Several different internship programs are available:
*Year-round Programs: typically undergraduates working a minimum of 16 to 20 hours per week during the academic school year and full-time during the summer, spring, and holiday breaks.
* Summer Programs: undergraduate students who work full-time for 10 to 12 weeks during the summer.
* Semester-Long Programs: Traditionally working the fall or spring seasons, undergraduate interns who work either part-time or full-time hours for a defined period.
* Rotational Programs: Traditionally a cross-functional program targeted at those who have received their undergraduate degrees in accounting or finance. Depending upon the needs of the business segment, associates may work up to two years in a particular functional and may move to other departments/areas within their function every six months. This program varies by business segment.

For the majority of positions, interested candidates should visit DisneyCareers.com, create a profile, upload a resume, and seek out positions (or Begin Your Search). For opportunities within Theme Parks and Resorts, please visit their Web site as their application process is separate.

Deadlines vary by business segment, but the primary recruiting effort takes place from September to April. Generally, internships are paid. The hourly rate will vary by business segment.

How to Apply at Disney

To apply at Disney Parks and Resorts, students must have graduated high school or received a GED in the past 48 months. Students who are currently high school seniors with an expected graduation date by the time of program start may also apply. Please visit jobs.disneycareers.com to learn more.

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