Jobs for Teens at Macy’s

About Macy’s

Macy’s, Inc. operates more than 800 Macy’s department stores and furniture galleries in 45 states, the District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico. With corporate offices in Cincinnati and New York, they also operate 40 Bloomingdale’s stores in 12 states.

The minimum age to work at Macy’s is generally 18 year old. As a part-timer you can take whatever days you want to work. The hourly wage will depend on what you got paid at your last job and of course the cost of living in your area of residence. This also depends on what department you will be working in. If you are working at womens/mens shoes it’s all commission pay without a base. Anything cosmetics, all commission.

When you work within any part of Macy’s, Inc., you can observe, learn and participate in the business operations of a Fortune 100 company. Because of the breadth and depth of this company, you’ll find many exciting opportunities for different jobs or rewarding careers. In return, Macy’s is deeply rewarded by the efforts, opinions and creativity of people like you.

Are you the most charming person you know? Could you figure out a way to make an argyle sweater and plaid pants look good together? Do you love fashion almost as much as you love your mother? If you answered yes to these questions, then Macy’s wants you to fill out an online job application for a retail salesperson.

How to Apply Jobs at Macy’s?

To pursue modeling with Macy’s you need to be part of modeling agencies since Macy’s engages professional agencies for modeling assignments. To work at Macy’s stores, visit Macy’s Jobs and send your application online. All Macy’s internships are paid positions offered during the summer months. Learn more about internship at Macy’s