About the job: Baking is one of the most interesting food preparation job as it is the fastest growing industry in the food industry. Likewise, it has an 8% job outlook rate. Who could not enjoy the smell of the baked products? That in itself is the fun part of baking.

Where you will work: Bakers usually work at bakeries, retails or otherwise. Also, bakers can work at shops, restaurants, and grocery stores. Sometimes, bakers can also be found at cafes or coffee shops where they make their own baked goodies.

What you will do: Bakers mix the different ingredients and follow the specific way of creating the different bread, pastries, and other baked products. Specifically, the following are the tasks that are related to bakers:

  • Follow detailed instructions about baking, preparing the ingredients, and handling the equipment.
  • Ready, clean, and maintain the baking equipment
  • Assure the quality of the ingredients for baking
  • Weigh and measure the ingredients
  • Using mixers or blenders, combine the ingredients
  • Prepare the bread by kneading, rolling, cutting, and shaping the dough
  • Put the dough into ovens or grills for baking
  • Check and inspect the quality of the baked bread
  • Operate various equipment used for baking

How to Become a Baker: Bakers usually learn baking from their on-the-job training.

Job skills / requirements: This job does not need formal education on baking or culinary. However, having diploma or certificate from short courses about baking is an advantage. There are diploma programs or short courses with certificate that offer classes about baking. The training offers lessons about sanitation and nutrition aside from the basic knowledge on baking.

Industry: Food

Minimum age: The minimum age to work as a baker is 16. However, this may vary according to place and establishment

Expected wage: $12.75 per hour

Similar name: Commercial Bakers, Production Bakers, Food Preparation Workers

Related jobs: Food Preparation Worker, Production Worker, Cook, and Food Batchmaker

O-NET Online Reference
51-3011.00 – Bakers
35-2021.00 – Food Preparation Workers
51-9199.00 – Production Workers
51-3092.00 – Food Batchmakers
35-2014.00 – Cooks, Restaurant

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