How Old to Work at Walmart

Does Walmart Hire Teens?

Yes, Walmart hire teenagers and there are lots of jobs teens can apply at this company. Walmart is a company in General Merchandise & Superstores industry. You can learn more about this company at

How Old to Work at Walmart?

Minimum age to apply at Walmart is generally 16 years old.


Jobs for Teens at Walmart


The following are the most common job openings that teens can apply for at Walmart, summarized from a total of 320 current and past job vacancies that teenagers can apply for at Walmart.

Team Lead
79 jobs
Warehouse Associate
46 jobs
(USA) Tire & Battery Technician - Automotive
18 jobs
Baker and Packager Associate
15 jobs
Prepared Meals and Rotisserie Chicken Associate
11 jobs
Produce Associate
10 jobs
Freezer, Cooler and Deli Stocker Associate
10 jobs
Tire & Battery Technician - Automotive
9 jobs
Cafe Associate
7 jobs
Meat Cutter and Wrapper
5 jobs

Most Hiring Locations

Just for fun fact, here are the most hiring locations where teens can apply for Walmart, if your location isn't listed it doesn't mean Walmart doesn't have any vacancies for teens in your location as it just gives you a little bit of hint from a very limited data for the most hiring locations.

Indianapolis, IN
20 jobs
Houston, TX
13 jobs
Austin, TX
12 jobs
Sherman, TX
9 jobs
Danville, VA
9 jobs
Lynchburg, VA
8 jobs
West Jordan, UT
7 jobs
Oklahoma City, OK
6 jobs
Chicago, IL
6 jobs
St. Louis, MO
6 jobs

Most Minimum Age

If you're a minor and wondering if Walmart hires teens your age, the following hint might answer your question. Please note that this is from a very limited data and so its accuracy should not be assumed to be accurate or valid.

98.44% of jobs with minimum age of 18 years old (315 jobs)
0.94% of jobs with minimum age of 19 years old (3 jobs)
0.63% of jobs with minimum age of 16 years old (2 jobs)

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