How Old to Work at Midwest Manufacturing

Does Midwest Manufacturing Hire Teens?

Yes, Midwest Manufacturing hire teenagers but there are only some jobs teen can apply at this company. Midwest Manufacturing is a company in Construction industry. You can learn more about this company at

How Old to Work at Midwest Manufacturing?

Minimum age to apply at Midwest Manufacturing is generally 18 years old.

Midwest Manufacturing

Jobs for Teens at Midwest Manufacturing


The following are the most common job openings that teens can apply for at Midwest Manufacturing, summarized from a total of 24 current and past job vacancies that teenagers can apply for at Midwest Manufacturing.

Production Team Member
7 jobs
Production Team Member - Full Time
6 jobs
Production Team Member - Part Time
5 jobs
Office Assistant - Part-time
1 jobs
Quality Control Team Member - 2nd or 3rd Shift
1 jobs
Product Assembly Team Member - 2nd Shift
1 jobs
Outside Yard/Forklift Driver - Full Time
1 jobs
Warehouse Team Member - Part-time
1 jobs
Post Frame Product Specialist
1 jobs

Most Hiring Locations

Just for fun fact, here are the most hiring locations where teens can apply for Midwest Manufacturing, if your location isn't listed it doesn't mean Midwest Manufacturing doesn't have any vacancies for teens in your location as it just gives you a little bit of hint from a very limited data for the most hiring locations.

Eau Claire, WI
5 jobs
Saginaw, MI
4 jobs
Marshalltown, IA
3 jobs
Mckenzie, ND
2 jobs
Valley, NE
2 jobs
Iron Ridge, WI
2 jobs
Livonia, MI
2 jobs
Rochester, MN
1 jobs
Rapid City, SD
1 jobs
Shelby, IA
1 jobs

Most Minimum Age

If you're a minor and wondering if Midwest Manufacturing hires teens your age, the following hint might answer your question. Please note that this is from a very limited data and so its accuracy should not be assumed to be accurate or valid.

100.00% of jobs with minimum age of 18 years old (24 jobs)

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