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Jobs for teenagers at PetSmart (pet supplies and services). Minimum age is 16 years old. Apply as Cashier, Pet Products Associate, Pet Care Associate, or Pet Training.

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Jobs for Teenagers at PetSmart

About PetSmart

Petsmart is an American pet retail store specializing in pet supplies and small pet sales. In addition, PetSmart provides services including dog and cat grooming, professional dog training, Doggie DayCare, and pet boarding in their Petsmart PetsHotel across the United States and Canada.

Teen Jobs at PetSmart

A PetSmart cashier provides the frontline of excellent customer service by ringing up purchases, answering phones, and directing customers to the appropriate departments for help.

Pet Products Associate
A Pets Products Associate is responsible for moving merchandise from the store room and out onto the main floor of the store, as well as stacking the merchandise in the display cases and shelves. This position requires the candidate to operate a forklift safely.

Pet Care Associate
A Pet Care Associate works directly with the animals and helps customers with birds, fish, reptiles, and other small pets. In addition to being knowledgeable about the animals and providing answers to some of the more commonly asked questions about the various pets, this position will require the candidate to safely handle and care for the pets themselves.

Pet Training
PetSmart Training Services help customers make a lifelong bond with their pets through one-on-one and classroom style pet training. This position will require the candidate to be placed in PetSmart Pet Training Instructor Accreditation Program.

PetsHotel and Doggie Day Camp Associates
This position will require the candidate to provide excellent customer service for pets as well as Pet Parents. The candidate will address questions and concerns about the PetsHotel and Doggie Day Camp experience.

Grooming Associates
The candidate will be assisting in the grooming and bathing of all types of dogs to their breed-specific standards as well as to personal preferences and the special grooming requests of the Pet Parent.

PetSmart Job Application

UPDATE 28 Sept 2015
We were contacted by PetSmart team that they currently hire from 18 years old in the United States and 17 in Canada.

Go to PetSmart’s career page form the related links and find job title which you are interested in. You need to submit your application online because PetSmart does not provide printable job application.
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