Jobs for Teens at Retail Stores

retail stores jobs for teens

Retail Store Jobs and Hourly Wages

Job Positions Entry Level Avg. Wages
Sales Associates Yes $10 per hour
Cashier Yes $10 per hour
Retail Store Assistant Manager No $13 per hour
Pharmacy Technician No $13 per hour

Minimum Age Working at Retail Stores

According to Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the child labor regulations, minimum age to work at retail store is 14, children under 14 years of age may not legally work in a retail store.

The total number of working youth has declined, and the same trend can be seen in the retail industry. In July 2019, 17 percent of employed youth
worked in the retail trade industry – approximately 3,913,000 teenagers aged 16-24 worked in wholesale and retail trade.

Cons Working in Retail Industry

  • Low Pay and Benefits
  • Monotonous Tasks
  • Inconvenient Hours
  • Lack of Job Security
  • Dissatisfied Customers
  • Unpredictable Work Flow


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