Jobs for Teens at Jamba Juice

About Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice is a chain of smoothie restaurants, headquartered in Emeryville, California, with over 700 locations operating in 30 states and the Bahamas. In addition to the smoothies, Jamba Juice sells fresh-squeezed orange juice and carrot juice, as well as wheatgrass juice shots.

Jamba Juice also offers a substitute to coffee, for a caffeine fix, called Matcha Green Tea, which can be taken in a smoothie or as a small 4-ounce shot with soy milk, orange juice, or a mixture of the two, called a “matcha dream shot”.

Teen Jobs at Jamba Juice

Team Member
As a Team Member, you will serve the customers and hand out the cups to them. You will also need to keep the store clean.

Shift Manager
You’re responsible for the overall shift operations. This includes managing team members, boosting sales performance and maintaining brand excellence. Which is really just a lot of multisyllabic buzzwords that boil down to this: you’ve just gotta keep your customers and team members feeling good.

General Manager
You lead. You inspire. You create. You boost sales and customer satisfaction. And you can count on Jamba Juice’s unwavering support to help you keep your career on the fast track. Along with bonuses and benefits that match your success.

You don’t need a Bachelor’s Degree to be a Jamba General Manager. While it’s preferred, commensurate experience with other restaurant/retail concepts can be substituted for a bachelor’s degree.

Jamba Juice Job Application

To apply in person as Team Member, fill out an application and bring to the Jamba Juice store where you would like to apply.

If you have background experience in restaurant, you might try to apply Store Management positions from their Job Listing. Wearing a comfortable business casual attire should be just fine during the interview.

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