Jobs for Teens at Popeyes

What facts should you know about Popeyes?

  • Popeyes was opened for the first time in Arabi, Louisiana, 1972 by Al Copeland
  • The company’s headquarters is located in Dunwoody, Georgia
  • There are more than 2,500 Popeyes restaurants across 40 states, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico
  • Popeyes primarily serves variety of chicken dishes in mild and spicy flavors and offers sides such as red beans and rice, mashed potatoes with Cajun-style gravy, Cajun fries, and Cajun rice

Teen Jobs at Popeyes

Minimum age wot apply jobs at Popeyes is 16 years old but what jobs teenagers can apply at Popeyes?

Team Member
You must be a motivated, friendly, dependable individual, team oriented, and driven to provide excellent guest service. You will assist the guests to have their order for hot and fresh food in a clean and safe environment with fast service.

Customer Service
You are responsible in welcoming guests with warm sincerely heart. You will take order and maintain the records of store stocks, set up the drive thru, lobby, and front line area. You must keep the cleanliness of your work areas.

You will deal directly for keeping fresh products available and monitoring the use of company recipes. You will assist the preparation and cooking activities of food products and maintain the cleanliness of the equipment in the kitchen area.

Shift Manager
Shift managers are in charge of ensuring all team members complete Shift Excellence tasks for each team member’s assigned position(s). Also responsible for making sure each employee maintains a neat and clean appearance. Shift managers are expected to resolve customer complaints in an efficient way that also maintains positive customer relations. The minimum age for a shift manager is usually 18 years old.

Popeyes Job Application

How to apply jobs at Popeyes as a teenager?

Popeyes Career Video

Popeyes Job Interview Questions

  • If you cleaned your work area, and then the next day it was all dirty again by the team member after you what would you do?
  • When are you available?
  • How would you handle a bad costumer?
  • What is your strength?
  • Are you a reliable person for the job?

Popeyes Job Perks and Drawbacks

  • You will get a thorough training before starting working
  • You will get free food
  • You will receive your payment weekly
  • You have a flexible working time to suit with the school schedule

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