Jobs for Teens at Cousins Subs

About Cousins Subs

  • Cousins Subs is a sandwich chain in America with locations scattered throughout the Midwest and the West Coast.
  • Cousins Subs provide customers with tasty sandwiches and salads.

Teen Jobs at Cousins Subs

All applicants less than 18 years old must provide proof of their work eligibility prior to hiring.

Crew Member
Crew Members are expected to complete food preparations, serve customers, take and prepare food orders, operate the cash register, stock all products, and maintain the overall cleanliness of each area of the restaurant; including the table areas.

Crew Members are also responsible for explaining the sandwich-making process while creating subs from freshly baked breads, using the freshest ingredients in front of the customer to match his or her exact order.

This position requires you to be at least 18 years old and be able to work different shifts per week. You also need to be able to work early in the morning.

Cousin SubsCareer Video

Cousins Subs Job Application

The majority of the Cousins Subs locations are independently owned and operated, so therefore, compensation and benefit packages may vary by location.

Of course, available positions will also vary by store, so the best idea is to download a job application online and bring it to the store in which you wish to apply for a job.

Cousin Subs Job Interview Questions

  • What was the worst thing you’ve ever done in life?
  • Do you have any previous experiences?
  • What is your availability
  • Why would you be a good fit for the job?

Cousin Subs Job Facts

  • You will get meal breaks with free meals every shift or discounts
  • Jobs are part time or hourly jobs, so you have flexible working hours
  • You have to confirm your availability immediately or you will be put in work whatever hours they want

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