Jobs for Teens at Boston Market

What facts should you know about Boston Market?

  • Boston Market was founded on December 1984 by Steven Kolow and Arthur Cores in Newton, Massachusetts
  • The headquarter is located in Golden, Colorado
  • There are more than 462 locations within 28 states and District of Columbia
  • Rotisserie Chicken is the specialty product that Boston Market serve to the customers since the beginning the restaurant opened

Teen Jobs at Boston Market

Minimum age to apply jobs at Boston Market is 15 years old. What jobs teenagers can apply at Boston Market?

You have to make sure that all cooking appliances and silverware are clean by following the safety sanitary standard of the company. You must be familiar to handle kitchen appliances and monitoring them if there is a broken plate or cooking tools that need to be repair or replace. You should be hard-working individual that can work together in team.
Team Member
You must be an outgoing and friendly individual that leaves a good impression to the customers. Your duties are taking orders, preparing food items such as cups for drinks, flatware, napkins. You will also deliver foods and drinks quickly. The most important role of your duty is your smile and hospitality.
Your main responsibility is to follow the recipe and maintain the company standard. You will prepare the ingredients and cooking high quality foods. You are responsible to make sure that all food products are in a fresh high quality condition for the customers.

Boston Market Job Application

How to apply jobs at Boston Market as a teenager?

  • To apply jobs you can visit Boston Market Jobs
  • Then scroll to Career Search section where you can find current job listings
  • You can also upload your resume at the bottom of the page

Boston Market Career Video

Boston Market Job Interview Questions

  • Have you worked in restaurant environment before?
  • What does good customer service mean to you?
  • What was your favorite subject in high school?
  • When will you be available to work?
  • Tell me about yourself?

Boston Market Job Perks and Drawbacks

Things you should know about working at Boston Market

  • Free drinks and meal while in duty
  • There is a tuition discount with selected partnered for student employees
  • 20 % Discount for employees even you are not in duty
  • You will get discount for cell phone provider services

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