Jobs for Teens at Classic Party Rentals

Please note that minimum age for each job title may vary by location

Jobs for teenagers at Classic Party Rentals. Minimum age to apply is 18 years old.

What facts should you know about Classic Party Rentals?

  • Ricard LoGuercio is originally the founder of Classic Party Rentals in 1981 before he sold the company to a group of investors in 1998
  • Its headquarter is located in Inglewood, CA
  • The company can be found in 7 locations within 3 states (Arizona, California, New Mexico) in the United States
  • Classic Party Rentals especially serve a large range of wedding and banquet events equipped with party tents, dance floors, table and chair items

Teen Jobs at Classic Party Rentals

Minimum age to apply at Classic Party Rentals is generally 18 years old. What jobs teenagers can apply at Classic Party Rentals?

Your primary duties are related with moving around mechanical equipment, installing and reinstalling them back. You must be able to work overtime with various shifts. You must have a very fit healthy body to work in all kinds of weather conditions, noises, and dusty places.

Event Consultant
You will serve the customers directly to assist them finding the right equipment and accessories for their event needs. You must possess enthusiasm and attractive personality as well as paperwork for administration duty.

Warehouse Worker
You are the support teams that help the company maintains the high sanitation standard of equipment and accessories. Your main jobs are to inspect, sanitize all rental equipment and report for the damage ones. You must be at least 16 years old to apply this position.

Classic Party Rentals Job Application

How to apply jobs at Classic Party Rentals as a teenager?
You can check these links to apply vacancy at Classic Party Rental

Classic Party Rentals Job Interview Questions

  • What type of pay I was hoping to achieve?
  • Are you willing to work 60+ hours a week?
  • What are some of your challenges?
  • What do you see yourself wanting to improve upon?
  • Would I be better suited to outside or inside sales?

Classic Party Rentals Job Perks and Drawbacks

  • You must be able to work on weekends as well as travelling to different places
  • Free travelling facility to other states in US after working there for one month
  • A discount will be given on inventory rentals

As of January, 2018 Classic Party Rentals has locations in Arizona, California, New Mexico - Locations might change in time as the company open new locations or close old locations.

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