Jobs for Teens at Dairy Queen

What facts should you know about Dairy Queen?

  • The first Dairy Queen store was founded by Sherb Noble and John Fremont McCullough in Joliet, Illinois, 1940
  • The company’s headquarters is located in Edina, Minnesota
  • There are more than 4,600 stores across United States
  • Dairy Queen primary product is ice cream but it also serves malt, milkshakes, frozen yogurt, blizzard, banana split, various kinds of hamburger and chicken

Teen Jobs at Dairy Queen

You must be at least 16 years old to apply at Dairy Queen. What jobs teenagers can apply at Dairy Queen?

Grill Staff
You are responsible to prepare, cook, and wrap good items so that correct order is served to the customers. You will stock all needed products and materials in a clean and safe manner. You must be able to operate and maintain kitchen equipment including fryer, freezer, grill and other.

Chill Staff
You will assemble and present completed treat orders based on customer’s needs and desire. You will do stocking, cleaning and maintaining the working area following the company safety and health code standards.

Cake Decorator
You must have cake decorating experience and willing to travel to serve customers. You are able to stand for a long period of time during your shift. You are a self-motivated and organized individual.

Dairy Queen Job Application

How to apply jobs at Dairy Queen as a teenager?

Minimum age to work at Dairy Queen is generally 16, depending upon franchisee and location. Dairy Queen Stores are independently owned and operated franchises; therefore we recommend you apply directly at the store of your choice. You will need to use the Store Locator to find DQ location closest to you.

Dairy Queen Job Interview Questions

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What are three qualities about yourself that would add value to our team?
  • Why do you want to work for Dairy Queen?
  • What school did you go to?
  • How would you handle a rude customer?

Dairy Queen Job Perks and Drawbacks

  • Things you should know about working at Dairy Queen?
  • You will get 50% employee’s discount during your working shift
  • There is hands on training for new employee
  • A flexible working hours suitable for students
  • You will get raises up to 3% base salary per year

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