Youth Employment Events

Youth Bioscience Summit

Oct 09, 2020
01.00 PM to 02.30 PM
Los Angeles, CA
Online Event ( Los Angeles, CA)

Event Summary

On October 9th at 1:00pm a student-focused Bioscience Workforce Summit will be hosted by the Office of Supervisor Ridley-Thomas.
The Summit will focus on the different ways the County has invested in Bioscience, highlighting workforce opportunities and the various ways life science touches key growth industries. Many of the participants will be students from high schools and community colleges interested or pursuing a life science degree.
This proposal recommends targeting certain schools to increase diverse youth interested in STEM careers to opportunities to work in the life science field.


- Enhance interest in bioscience careers to a diverse group of students, focusing on opportunities
within the growing LA County bioscience hub

- Understand what it takes to pursue a career in the life sciences and take advantage of career
pathway opportunities

- Hear directly from industry leaders at Bioscience companies and organizations about opportunities to
work in the field

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