Jobs for Teenagers at Ethnic Restaurants

Rōti Modern Mediterranean

Jobs for teenagers at Rōti Modern Mediterranean, an ethnic restaurant that serves Mediterranean cuisines. Minimum age to apply is 16 years old.


Pastini Facts It is a restaurant based on Portland that was founded in 2001. Pastini is inspired by farms, waters, and vineyard of the Pacific Northwest. It has local suppliers such as Acrobat Winery, Bendistillery, Big River Breads,…

California Tortilla

Minimum age to apply jobs at California Tortilla is 15 years old. Jobs that you can apply at California Tortilla are line cook, cashier and prep/dish. 

Cafe Rio

Founded in 1997, Cafe Rio is a casual dining restaurant that specializes in Mexican cuisine. You must be at least 16 years old to apply jobs at Cafe Rio.

Buca di Beppo

Minimum age to work at Buca di Beppo is 18 years old. You can apply job as cook, server, dish washer or prep cook.


Minimum age to work at Bertucci’s is 18. Hourly jobs teenagers can apply at Bertucci’s are server, host, carryout, delivery driver, linecook, prepcook, or dishwasher.


Minimum age to apply jobs at Benihana is 18 years old. Typical jobs that you can apply at Benihana are prep cook, dish washer, server, server assistant, cashier and host/hostess.

Beef O’Brady’s

Beef O’Brady’s is an Irish restaurant chain established in 1985. Minimum age to apply jobs at Beef O’Brady’s is generally 18 years old.