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Jobs for Teenagers at Sports Authority

Jobs for teenagers at Sports Authority (sporting good retailer). Minimum age is 18 years old. Send your online job application at Sports Authority now.

About Sports Authority

Sports Authority, Inc., also referred to as ‘The Sports Authority’, is one of the leading sporting goods retailers, operating more than 460 stores throughout 45 states. The company sells sports merchandise and offers sports-related services. Sports Authority also sells apparel, footwear and outerwear. You must be at least 18 years old to apply at Sports Authority.

Teen Jobs at Sports Authority

Customer Services Associate/Cashier
As a Customer Services Associate/Cashier at Sports Authority you will greet customers who are entering the store, then assist and advise the customers through their Check-Out and Returns. This requires you to be able to interact enthusiastically with customers. Customer service tasks include answering the phones within a courteous three rings. You must also possess sales skills necessary to sell add-on merchandise and service plans.

Merchandising/Visual Associate
Merchandising/Visual Associate at Sports Authority performs stocking of merchandise on sales floor, receiving process, and maintenance of the store’s visual presentation. You will also ensure that sales floor is correctly priced, fully stocked and safe. This job requires you to be certified in all Warehouse equipment (i.e. forklift) and to follow instructions and give results under pressure.

Sales Authority (Sales Associate)
When you work as Sales Associates at Sports Authority you will advise and sell to customers by asking appropriate questions to understand their needs, helping find the right product for them, and even suggesting additional products. You must be familiar with everyday advertising and promotions to give accurate information (i.e. price) to the customer.

Technical Services Associate
Technical services associates are responsible for promoting sports authority customers with sports technical services, as well as equipment maintenance on various sports equipment, including ski repair, bike tuning, and racket stringing. If employed with The Sports Authority, you will also need to ensure that all supplies and tools are kept in stock and locked in the shop in a safe area. You will also need to practice efficient housekeeping strategies and establish general cleanliness, as well as ensure that all service paperwork is complete and filed.

Sports Authority Job Application

To apply at Sports Authority, visit their career page from the link below and choose your preferred area: stores or distribution centers (only in five cities). Click on the Apply Now button on hourly positions – Salary Positions are full-time jobs. Choose job position you wish to apply and select your location. Once you have selected your city, you can begin filling in the online application form.

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