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Jobs for Teenagers at Target Portrait Studio

Jobs for teenagers at Target Portrait Studio (portrait studio). Minimum age is 16 years old. Apply as Photographer, Photography Editor, or Photography Sales Specialist.

About Target Portrait Studio

A portion of Lifetouch Portrait Studios, Target Portrait Studio is a photography company inside select retail stores. Lifetouch is a leading provider in the United States for professional retail photography which also operates and owns nearly 175 studios as Target studies called “The Studio” and they employ 550 associates in many states across the US.

Teen Jobs at Target Portrait Studios

Photographers must have an affinity for working with children while displaying high levels of enthusiasm and energy. In addition, photographers are expected to create connections with customers that build lasting relationships that are long term. Candidates should be at least 16 years of age and possess at least a high diploma or work experience that is relevant to the customer service or retail environment. If chosen, you may work at one of the Target and Flash or JCPenney studios found in your area.

Photography Editor
A photography editor should possess a general education degree (GED) or high school diploma, although neither is required. However, candidates must possess a valid driver’s license and a basic knowledge of metering, Nikon cameras, lighting, and exposures.

Photography Sales Specialist
A photography sales specialist is expected to deliver outstanding service to each customer from beginning to end. All sales specialists should greet each customer with a warm smile and explain exactly what can be expected from the services, but to also gather a better understanding of the customer’s expectations as well. All candidates should possess at a high school diploma or equivalent work experience.

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