Popular Jobs for Teenagers

The easiest way to get a job is to follow the trend of employment. For those of you who are still teenagers, the trend is definitely different than the trend of employment for adults over the age of 25 years.

So what kind of work is becoming a trend for teenagers? Based on the results of research conducted by The Center for Labor Markets and Policy, Drexel University (CLMP) which refers to the O * NET Job Analysis Surveys in 2009 and 2010, there are 10 types of jobs most often performed by teenagers.

  1. Cashiers
  2. Waiters
  3. Salespersons
  4. Cooks
  5. Laborers
  6. Customer Service Rep.
  7. Misc. Food Preps
  8. Food Preps
  9. Stock Clerks
  10. Childcare