Job Tips for Teenagers

How to Find Teen Jobs?

Getting a job as a teenagers is not easy, especially when you don’t have required experience, degree and skills. However there are certain jobs which allow you to work without those requirements. Learn more about popular jobs for teenagers.

Generally most jobs for teens are hourly/part time jobs. Therefore you need to find companies which have hourly/part time jobs. On this site you can find companies which hire teenagers with minimum age requirement, available locations, links to the company career page and other useful links to learn more about the company.

How to Apply Jobs?

To apply jobs you must have a resume. Some companies may provide printable job application form which you can download, fill in, and hand in to the store manager together with your resume. While some other companies may provide online application. How to apply for jobs for a company is described on each company page. Keep in mind that not all companies are hiring, but they may still receive application and keep the resumes for future hiring.

How to Make A Resume?

You must have a resume to apply for a job. It describes about who you are and your background. You must only write what is true in your resume without exaggerating words. Your resume should be brief, clear and concise with the last date the resume was modified. Learn more about how to make a resume as a teenager.

Beware of Job Scams

While some other sites such as CraigList may provide job listing too, you need to be careful because there are some reports that certain jobs posted on classifieds sites might be job scams. Learn more about job scams.

What if You Are Asked for SSN?

Some employers may require you to fill in your SSN. Learn more about SSN.