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Jobs for Teenagers at Luby’s

Jobs for teenagers at Luby’s, a casual dining restaurant currently available in 4 states. Minimum age to apply is generally 16 years old.


Luby’s or Luby’s Cafeteria is actually one of Luby’s, Inc. brands. This cafeteria restaurant is based in Texas but also available in 3 other states.

How Old Do you Have to be to Work at Luby’s?

The minimum age to work at Luby’s cafeteria is generally 16 years old.

Luby’s Teen Job Positions

What jobs can teen apply at Luby’s? There are two kinds of job position: Front of House and Back of House. Front of House positions are basically job positions which deal with customers such as Wait Staff, Cashier, Guest Service, Bartender, and Host/Hostess. While Back of House position deals mostly with the food production such as Cook, Butcher, Utility, and Busser. Both are in-restaurant hourly job positions.

If you are already 21 years old you can apply for Luby’s Management in Training Program only. Once you have been successfully accepted as Manager In Training, you have the opportunity to be the Assistant Manager, then Associate Manager and finally the General Manager.

How to Apply Jobs at Luby’s

Luby’s does not provide printable job application. To learn more about working at Luby’s please visit their official career page and submit your resume online. You can also find Luby’s near you and ask the manager if they are hiring. Follow their social media to be the first to know if there is upcoming Luby’s job fair or if they are hiring.

Luby’s┬áJob Application Guide

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